Heat Straightening

Heat straightening of damaged structural steel members has become a low cost alternative to traditional means of repair after accidents involving over-height vehicles or marine traffic.

Years of research backed by the Federal Highway Administration have led them to publish several guidelines for the successful implementation of heat straightening.

Proper implementation of heat straightening allows damaged members to be repaired without replacement and with zero compromise to the structural integrity of the damaged part.

By utilizing mathematically calculated restraint forces, geometric heating patterns, and expert craftsmen trained in the implementation of proper heat straightening, damaged structures can be brought back into full service at greatly reduced cost and in dramatically less time than has been possible in the past.

North Star Construction Corp. is the first and only contractor in Southeast Virginia, and one of only several in the country, who have proven our proficiency at the implementation of heat straightening in accordance with the new FHWA guidelines.

If it's been bent, call us before you decide to replace it! It may not be as bad as you thought! Here are several pictures of our recent projects.

  • Route 258 over Warwick Blvd. in the City of Newport News, VA, after having been hit by an over-height truck.

  • The lift span of the James River Bridge in Newport News, VA, after having been hit by an over-height ship.

  • I-64 East over Robin Hood Road in the City of Norfolk, VA, after having been hit by an over-height truck.

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